In the offices of Avexir, they have a hanging motto – “what we believe is how we behave”. That motto is the mission and way Avexir always wanted to act, so we could see that the policy of the manufacturer is unique from other memory brands. For example, every single module that is produced in the Avexir factory is thouroughly tested on several computers and only gets to the final packaging stage if it fully passes JEDEC tests.

Thanks to the in-depth testing policy, Avexir is a known producer of high quality RAM which has always been favoured by overclockers due to the high-performance and stability. Today, we see the realease into the the European of the Avexir Core GOLD memory with yellow LEDs. The memory series supports Intel XMP 1.3 technology, which allows an overclocker to push their computer to the max, squeezing the best performance out the memory and really getting the most out of their hardware.

Since the launch of Intel’s latest 4th Generation CPU, Haswell, we have seen an increase of gold visual styles on mainboards and other hardware which means when the Avexir Core GOLD is installed in a system with a side window it will really stand out with some jaw-dropping aesthetics.

You can find it at Overclockers UK for £74.99 incl. VAT.


Technical details:

Product name: Avexir Core GOLD – Yellow LED – DDR3-2133 CL9 – 8 GB

EAN code: 713757467230

Manufacturer code: AVD3U21330904G-2CEY

Supported XMP 1.3: Yes

PCB Colour: Black

Total height: 38 mm

Built-in radiator: Yes

Colour of radiator: Gold

Memory type: DDR3

Capacity: 8 GB / 2x 4 GB (Dual Channel)

Clock: 2133 MHz

Latency: CL 9-11-10-27

Latency at 1333 MHz: CL 9-9-9-24

Voltage: 1.5V – 1.65 V

LED Strobe lighting effect: yellow

Warranty: lifetime


100% hand-tested in multiple PC sets

Tested at 2133 MHz in Intel and AMD motherboards

JEDEC quality standard: Yes



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