Overclockers UK, Newcastle-Under-Lyme are taking a big step into the future of making online payments. All customers now have the option to pay the contents of their shopping cart by using the virtual currency Bitcoin.

Bitcoins is a virtual medium of exchange, which is being generated and jointly administered by all the partaking clients of the decentralised Bitcoin network. – Thereby, it is the first and most widely spread, publicly traded, digital currency.

Bitcoins can either be exchanged directly for other currencies (like Pounds or Dollars), by taking an exchange rate into account, or generated through so-called mining, by employing computational power of a computer.

During the checkout process, Bitcoin can simply be selected as the desired payment method. The payment service provider BitPay is then going to convert the purchase amount from Pounds to Bitcoin using the latest exchange rates. Afterwards, the payment can be completed in a time frame of 15 minutes.


About Overclockers UK:

The well-known retailer Overclockers UK offers only the best in hardware components and systems. With a close relationship to all major brands in the industry, Overclockers UK manages to offer unique, finely tuned hardware-bundles along with immediate availability of the hottest components to its UK customers. With an extensive range of fully customisable systems, Overclockers UK are able to utilise their extensive know-how of the market and products, to create the fastest high performance systems geared toward the enthusiast user. Further information about Overclockers UK can be found here: www.overclockers.co.uk

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