Here at Play3r, we are devoted to providing you with interesting articles and we look to stand out from the crowd by doing something a little different. Here’s how we are going to do that within a few weeks’ time…

Two of our HWBot members will be joining forces and overclocking their hardware, except there is a slight difference – sub-zero cooling. TheMadDutchDude who has experience across all forms of cooling will be joined by ObscureParadox who will be delving into the sub-zero world for the first time. Together, they will be looking to put some serious pressure on components with some voltages that might make a few of you cringe. They will be using dry ice (solidified CO2) for this event which has a temperature of -78°c which should have an effective temperature of roughly -65°c on the CPU(s).

We have hardware from both base camps, AMD and Intel, and we will be pushing the following hardware to within an inch of its life:

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
AMD Piledriver FX-8350 – Golden sample (from what we’ve tested thus far)
AMD Sempron 145
RAM – GSKILL RipJawsX 2400MHz – 2x4GB

Intel (X48 (LGA775) and X58 (LGA1366))

Intel Core i7 920 D0
Corsair Dominator GT 2000MHz CAS 8 – 3x2GB

ASUS Rampage Extreme X48
Intel Core2Duo E8600 E0 – Golden batch Intel
Core2Quad Q6600 G0
Corsair Dominator GT 2000MHz CAS 8 – 2x2GB

The live stream is set to happen in roughly two weeks from now (16/05/13) and we will give you an exact date as soon as it is set. It is set for the 29th of May right now but it may be subject to change. It shouldn’t be more than a day or two. It is going to be a near all day long event so if you feel like watching, please do join us.

We will update this post with accurate time schedules and such when we have more information, we should have a definite time for our dear readers within the next week as we need to sort out travel arrangements and such. Until then, stay tuned. We hope that you will join us. On a slightly unrelated subject, we will be writing an article with regards to insulation against the cold to protect your hardware against the overclockers nightmare – moisture/condensation!

UPDATE: This is still set for the 29th of May, but instead of only benching for the day, we will be making this an all day and all night event. We will be streaming the video through this page too. More details to come soon!

UPDATE: Everything has been ordered and this event is set to begin at roughly 3:30PM on the 29th of May. We will be streaming it directly via our site and we will provide a link for those who want to join in on the chat too.

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