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Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez, in collaboration with Ozone Gaming, will develop in the coming months a line of gaming peripherals under his brand oceloteWorld.

Ocelote’s vision as a renowned e-Sports professional worldwide joins the extensive experience of Ozone Gaming for the sole purpose of placing a range of peripherals on the market that meet the users real needs.

“At Ozone we are very pleased to have Carlos in the team. His vision as a professional player will be reflected in a product line in which we are already working on together.

This is not just marketing, placing a sticker with Ocelote´s face on the product, he is actually involved in the development of our products, from the design to technical features.”

– José R. Díaz, Ozone´s CEO

“It has always been one of my dreams: To be part of a creation. Being part of the wonderful process of building something from scratch. And this is what Ozone is also interested in: Making a line of peripherals where everyone, who is involved with the process, gave in all their love and dedication from the first minute, to create products with such quality and class never seen before in the market.

The amount of hype, motivation and love I have for this project cannot be described in words.

The time is near. We are almost there.”
– Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez

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