a colorful sl500 mini sata ssd, annotated showing the depth of just 26mm

COLORFUL SL500 Mini Launches: World’s Smallest SATA SSD

The COLORFUL SL500 Mini packs standard SATA connectors and up to 500GB of storage into a tiny 68x26x7mm drive. That's the size of a USB stick!

What Games Can You Play on a Low-Powered PC

The stereotypical computer gamer is someone who has a high-powered PC packed with the latest graphics card, several times more memory than most consumer...
HERO Elder Scrolls Online Edition_feature

noblechairs reveal The Elder Scrolls Online® Edition Gaming Chair

Ever since the first press release announcing noblechairs was going to produce bethesda-themed chairs I've been waiting for them to do an Elder Scrolls Online version. It's finally coming...

6 Games That You Should Play Before The Pandemic Ends

The Covid-19 pandemic had kept us away from one another and inside our homes for nearly a year. Although this can seem like a...

Are Online Gamers and eSports Fanatics at Risk of Cyber Attacks?

The online gaming industry is currently one of the richest, popular, and lucrative industries in the world. It is no wonder that online gaming...
Terramaster F5-422 10GBaseT NAS from the front, with 5 bays visible

TerraMaster Launch F5-422 5-bay NAS with 10GbE Networking

TerraMaster have launched the F5-422 - a 5-bay NAS appliance with 10Gbit ethernet, pitched for growing businesses.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Now Available On Epic Games For FREE

Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition is the next weekly free game on Epic Games Store to everyone with an account.
Lisa Su announcing the HX series of unlocked AMD laptop processors

AMD Announce Unlocked Laptop Chips: Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 Mobile

The 5000 series of AMD laptop processors includes unlocked HX models, with a Zen 3 architecture and 2x the cache of 4000 series... mostly.

NVIDIA Announces The GeForce RTX3060

NVIDIA today announced that it is bringing the NVIDIA Ampere architecture to millions more PC gamers with the new GeForce® RTX™ 3060 GPU.

CES 2021: Thermaltake Launch Tower 100 Mini ITX Chassis

Thermaltake announces the launch of the brand-new, The Tower 100 Mini Chassis at the 2021 Thermaltake Expo January Virtual Exhibition.