MSI B550 Motherboards Get a Sale: 5 Models Discounted in UK

They only launched a few months ago, but selected MSI B550 models are now getting a sale, covering five models, until the 14th of August.

Intel Confirms ‘Avengers’ Promo 10th Gen CPUs

Intel confirmed that a limited run of promotional 'Avengers' themed 10th Gen CPUs are on the way with the 'KA' designation.
noblechairs Doom Chair

noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair DOOM® Edition Available Now!

The noblechairs 'DOOM Edition' will be available to purchase through many retailers worldwide including Overclockers UK
Best Online Casino 2018

The Security and Credibility of Online Casinos

Is there a possibility to determine the security and credibility of the online games of chance? Well, of course, there is but you have...

The Definitive Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer you a great range of bonuses and promotions to make your gameplay more rewarding. But there are so many different types...
amd desktop renoir cpu render, with 'AMD RYZEN 4000 SERIES" written on the IHS

Desktop Renoir APUs Launched by AMD, But Not For Retail

It's finally here. AMD are launching the Ryzen 4000 G-series processors, a set of desktop CPUs based on the "Renoir" die. However, there's a catch.
hwbot team cup 2020 wallpaper

HWBOT Team Cup 2020 Overclocking Competition Underway

Competitive overclocking hub HWBOT has announced the start of the Team Cup 2020 overclocking competition, running until September the 30th over 44 stages.

UK Bans Huawei From Its 5G Network In Rapid U-Turn

The United Kingdom has banned Huawei from its 5G telecom network, reversing a January decision to allow the embattled Chinese tech company a limited role in building the country's super-fast wireless infrastructure.

ASUS Commit To AMD B450 With TUF GAMING B450M-PRO S Release

Asus announce plans to commit to releasing more refreshed B450 chipset based motherboards starting with the TUF GAMING B450M-PRO S.
asus christmas in july sales event banner for 2020, wishing a summer seasons greetings

ASUS and ROG UK’s Month Long ‘Christmas in July’ Sale Returns

ASUS and ROG UK are bringing back their "Christmas in July" sales event for 2020. Discounts, cashbacks and giveaways are happening - details inside.