Play3r @ i51 – Antec Stand


Hello everyone and welcome to i51 or otherwise known as the Insomnia gaming festival number 51.  Running from the 18th – 21st of April 2014, we (Play3r) are currently in attendance and intend to bring you all coverage from the UK’s biggest gaming festival.  This time round, Insomnia comes from the fabulous and luxury Ricoh Arena in the Midland situated Coventry, UK.

Introductions aside and leaving the gaming out for the moment, I took a venture over to see our friends over at the Antec stand who is showcasing some nice and interesting looking products as well as custom builds.

As you can see, recently launched peripheral brand Gamdias have kitted out all the systems in the stand with their mechanical keyboards, gaming headsets and even gaming mice which make a nice support to the Antec line up; this is backed up with lots of banners and posters.

The main showcase of the stand is a full system from the guys at YoYotech featuring 2 x MSI graphics cards, fully custom water cooled with white custom braided cables.  This is built inside the recently under fire Antec Nineteen Hundred tower chassis.  Unlike some of the reviews that have been published this year and even our own, it is nice to see a rather nice looking build inside one of these cases which I feel does the case justice.  With its striking red LED illumination and roomy interior, I do feel it has shed a little light on the case for me personally.


On display as you will see in the above pictures are a couple of Antec Kuhler AIO coolers which was released not too long ago.  I actually have a couple of these ready for review so make sure you look out for them in the upcoming weeks and also some new products in the very near future.


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