HyperX gaming headsets representative of the type of HyperX product now moving to HP

HP to Acquire HyperX Peripherals Divison (But Not DRAM, SSDs)

HP are buying HyperX from Kingston - but Kingston will retain the DRAM, flash, and SSD products for gamers and enthusiasts.
A terramaster D8-331 8-bay thunderbolt 3 DAS, front and back. The front has 8 bays, status LEDs and a power button. At the back are an IEC "kettle lead" power socket, dual fans with a fan mode switch, two thunderbolt 3 ports and a DP monitor port. Also visible are carry handles on top.

TerraMaster Upgrade D8 8-bay DAS series, D8-331 30% Faster

The new TerraMaster D8-331 Thunderbolt 3 DAS features an upgraded RAID controller that's 30% faster than the previous model in 8-SSD setups.

LIAN LI’s 2021 Digital Expo Unveils 4 Prototypes

Lian Li have shown off four case prototypes in their LIAN LI 2021 DIGITAL EXPO online event, available to watch on youtube
image of a fractal design meshify 2 compact on a desk with text reading "Mesify 2 Compact, A classic evolved"

Fractal Design releases Meshify 2 Compact: The Sequel

Fractal Design have release the Meshify 2 Compact, the seqel to the well-loved Meshify series, with an assortment of tweaks and improvements.
a synology SNV3400 SSD and SNV3500 SSD

Synology SSD and Ethernet Card Range Expanded

Synology have announced new network cards, supporting up to 25Gbps over fibre-optic, and 800GB NVMe SSD models intended as cache drives.
colorful igame vulcan DDR4 modules with a chunky anodised aluminium heatspreader, plastic RGB LED light bar along the top, and white PCB

COLORFUL iGame Vulcan DDR4 Launches: B-die, White PCB

COLORFUL have launched their new iGame Vulcan DDR4 with high speeds, Samsung B-die and bold looks that some are sure to love.
a colorful sl500 mini sata ssd, annotated showing the depth of just 26mm

COLORFUL SL500 Mini Launches: World’s Smallest SATA SSD

The COLORFUL SL500 Mini packs standard SATA connectors and up to 500GB of storage into a tiny 68x26x7mm drive. That's the size of a USB stick!
HERO Elder Scrolls Online Edition_feature

noblechairs reveal The Elder Scrolls Online® Edition Gaming Chair

Ever since the first press release announcing noblechairs was going to produce bethesda-themed chairs I've been waiting for them to do an Elder Scrolls Online version. It's finally coming...
Terramaster F5-422 10GBaseT NAS from the front, with 5 bays visible

TerraMaster Launch F5-422 5-bay NAS with 10GbE Networking

TerraMaster have launched the F5-422 - a 5-bay NAS appliance with 10Gbit ethernet, pitched for growing businesses.
Lisa Su announcing the HX series of unlocked AMD laptop processors

AMD Announce Unlocked Laptop Chips: Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 Mobile

The 5000 series of AMD laptop processors includes unlocked HX models, with a Zen 3 architecture and 2x the cache of 4000 series... mostly.