A Healer Only Lives Twice - Interesting New Game!

Challenging the notion that playing a support character is less interesting than being the attacker, PonPon Games and PLAYISM have come together to publish an strategy game that is dedicated to the forgotten entertainment of being a healer. “A Healer Only Lives Twice” has a surprisingly simple premise that turns into an addicting RPG–clicker with an added twist of RTS. When a player and his knightly friend get cornered in a vast dungeon, the priest’s healing powers become their last hope of surviving the endless streams of adorable monsters!

“A Healer Only Lives Twice” features three modes that cater to players of any skill and interest level – including Main (standard story mode), Main EX (story mode with no upgrades enabled), and Trail (start a random encounter, good for practice runs and casual fun).

After mapping the dungeon while the monsters are asleep, you quickly find yourself cornered by monsters. Choose the target for your knight and let him do the attacking, your job is after all, more important. Work with and upgrade a plethora of skills to keep your knight healthy and use the items from monster drops to craft upgrades, torches, potions and more, to help you along the journey.

The priest must keep up the HP on each of his knight’s limbs while helping boost attacks to save fuel on limited torches. As they become stronger by advancing through the dungeon, the time limit to cast heals and use items becomes shorter while enemies become significantly more powerful and smart. It’s game over if either the knight dies or if you run out of torches. Although a red stone power up can be used to clear all monsters, these monsters won’t give any items or experience. Under an increasingly tight time constraint, do you choose to progress onwards without valuable loot or would you push your knight to his limit and potentially lose the game?


  • Easy to learn but difficult to master
  • Variety of skills and items to use, make each move count!
  • A unique perspective from the healer’s point of view
  • Combines elements of RPG, RTS and clickers
  • Time constraint induced tension and strategy
  • Support for both controller and keyboard & mouse
  • Indirect progress saving via skill upgrades outside the dungeon
  • Adorable monsters with a large skill set that become smarter as you progress

Title: A Healer Only Lives Twice
Developer: PonPon Games
Publisher: Playism
Retail Price: £3.99 (discounted to £3.59 during launch week)
Release Date: June 3rd, 2016
Genre: RPG, Strategy, Time Management, Clicker
Platform: PC (Playism, Steam)

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