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noblechairs releases the all-new ‘Black Edition’. Using a German man-made hybrid material that looks and feels like real leather, which has even more effective airflow, comfort, and durability.

Now available from noblechairs the ‘Black Edition’ range is the latest update to the EPIC, ICON, and HERO Series. This range introduces all-new features to the brand. With the slogan ‘Always Breathing’ the Black Edition noblechairs use a hybrid material that combines the benefits of both PU and PVC. This innovative material has brilliant airflow, irrespective of  how long you sit. Users will sweat less, which thereby eliminates any sticky or unpleasant feeling.

noblechairs Black Edition Side View

The Black Edition is more breathable and offers a comfortable seating experience due to air and water vapour permeability (as shown in the figures below). As a result of their active breathing properties, the Black Edition noblechairs feature ventilation without the need for perforation. 

noblechairs Black Edition Material Composition Info

Never before seen on a gaming chair, this new hybrid material has a soft feel, similar to napa leather, making it more comfortable than standard PU or PVC gaming chairs.  In fact, it is difficult to distinguish this man-made material from real leather since it has such a similar feel to real leather.

This hybrid material is manufactured in Germany. It is tear proof, durable, abrasion resistant, hydrolysis resistant, fire resistant and easy to clean. It is also a lightfast material, meaning it’s not prone to discolour when exposed to light. The noblechairs are designed to look excellent even after many years of use.

Also friendly to the environment, the Black Edition material is an entirely man-made making it animal friendly and 100% vegan. The production process also has a low emission footprint due to the responsible use of energy. Its raw materials are solvent-free and free of Phthalates. Other gaming chairs frequently use PVC, which requires petroleum and large amounts of energy, meaning their production is reliant on fossil fuels. Also, during PVC production, dioxins are released which is toxic to humans and animals.

noblechairs Black Edition Headrest

Additional Features:

  • Hybrid material featuring a premium matt finish. 
  • Minimalistic stitching characteristic of the Black Edition.
  • Bundled noblechairs head and lumbar pillow.
  • New 4D armrests enhanced with metal buttons and soft padding.
  • Stainless steel reclining lever.
  • High quality rocking mechanism.
  • Certified ergonomic comfort.
  • Quiet 60mm casters for hard and carpet flooring.
  • Even easier to clean.
  • Exquisite metallic harness holes (EPIC Series only).
  • Adjustable lumbar support and memory foam headrest built inside the chair (HERO Series only).

Where to Buy:

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