Razer confirmed as the official peripherals partner for all Multiplay events in 2014

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Multiplay is pleased to announce a further agreement with Razer™ that sees the leading gaming hardware specialist become the official peripherals supplier at all Multiplay events across Europe in 2014.

The deal follows the recently announced Razer™ sponsorship of The Razer™ League of Legends® Challenger Cup throughout 2014 at all Insomnia festivals and cements the already strong relationship between the two companies.

As part of the agreement, all Multiplay events including Insomnia gaming festivals will feature Razer™ products including mice, keyboards, headsets, control pads and more, offering the very best hardware as standard.
Multiplay organizes a variety of industry events, ranging from publisher press events, product tours, exhibitions and brand-specific conventions for clients such as Mojang. This agreement between Razer and Multiplay ensures Razer gains exposure across a wide range of European events. “When we began working with Razer we knew there were opportunities to grow our relationship that would not only be beneficial to our customers, but also our clients,” said Craig Fletcher, CEO & founder of Multiplay. “Razer has an undeniable understanding of its market and customers and we´re delighted to be showcasing its products through our vast portfolio of events across Europe in 2014.”

Min-Liang Tan, co-founder, CEO and creative director of Razer, adds: “We are happy to expand our business relationship with Multiplay. Their expertise, community following and geographical reach leaves them a terrific partner for gaming collaborations. We’re looking forward to an amazing 2014.”
For more information on Multiplay events, please visit: www.multiplayevents.com
For more information on Razer™ products, please visit: www.razerzone.com

About Multiplay:

Founded by Craig Fletcher in 1997, Multiplay are a leading service provider to the games industry, a consultant and promoter to almost all major publishers, manufacturers and e-tailers. They have been running gaming events for nearly two decades and have achieved mass exposure and recognition in the industry as the creators and producers of the UK’s biggest Games Festival – Insomnia. Multiplay has delivered a wide range of events to high profile customers in the UK and internationally, such as Warner Bros, ESET, IGN and Mojang.

Multiplay is also one of the world’s largest hosts of online game servers, with over 23 locations across 5 continents and is also home to one of Europe’s largest on-line gaming communities with over 7 million gamers playing on their servers every month http://www.multiplay.com

About Razer:

Razer™ is the world leader in devices and software platforms that enable connect and entertain a worldwide community of electronic entertainment enthusiasts, 24/7.
With a rich history in gaming, music and design, Razer´s award-winning technology includes voice-over IP and other social applications and devices; programs for music production, performance and enjoyment; cloud-based solutions for customizing and enhancing computer systems and related product performance; and a wide array of award-winning laptops, tablets, audio products, hardware and accessories, and apparel.
Razer applies its design and engineering resources to develop products that support the on-the-go lifestyle inherent to its contemporary, global, technophile community, fulfilling their immediate wants and needs wherever they are. At Razer, everything it does resonates with the company credo: For Gamers. By Gamers.®
For more information, please visit http://www.razerzone.com/.

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