Say Hello To The 1,000-in-1 Sinclair ZX Spectrum!

You might remember the classic console from Sinclair, the ZX Spectrum, featured a Z80 CPU running at 3.5 MHz and with an optional 16 KB / 48 KB / 128 KB worth of storage. It was at its peak in the 80’s – 90’s. But could we soon be seeing another shot at gold by Sinclair?

Rumours spread like wildfire back in 2014 as leaked information on a release from retro gaming and computer gods, Sinclair, was posted publically for the first time. From then, stories were made and false information thrown around the web, but now we have the inside information on the release of a 1,000-in-1 replica Sinclair ZX Spectrum replica officially supported by Clive Sinclair himself!

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega will feature 1,000 built in games, including classics like Knight’s Lore, Back to Skool, A Day in the Life of Arnold, Astro-Wars, Bugsy and many more—all for £99.99. If your favourite is not available, no need to fear as Sinclair has added a microSD card port for you to add your own games!

Available from 24th August but with a pre-order available right now, you can re-live your childhood for a quarter of the price of the latest gen consoles.

What was your favourite from the golden age of gaming? Are you going to pick up this ace bit of retro kit or would you rather stick to the latest titles?

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