SEGA moving to movies? Carrying on our movies and gaming mix up SEGA has spoken to former Break Media executive editor Evan Cholfin to help move their games over to the big screen.

Variety has announced that Cholfin is now the head of development and production at Stories International. Stories International is a company started by SEGA and the ad agency Hakuhodo DY Group in 2011.

The rumour is they are focusing on some major titles moving over to the TV and movie screens. The titles are Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, Rise of Nightmares, Shinobi (oh yes Shinobi) and Crazy Taxi. Some of these will be English-language live action and animated spinoffs.

This isn’t a new thing. Ubisoft is currently developing a long line of Assassins Creed movies, if the games are anything to go by. If done right, these titles can really bring me back to my childhood. I love the idea of bringing these games to the bigger screen.

What titles or companies would you like to see turned into movies or TV? What games need to stay far away from ever getting turned into movies? Let us know in the comments below.



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