Sharp Announces The New Windows 8.1 Pro Tablet


This week Sharp has announced a new tablet which is made for business and professional users. The tablet will run Windows 8.1 Pro operating system and will be called the Sharp RW-16G1.

The Sharp RW-16G1 has a Dual-core Intel core i5-4200U microprocessor and comes with 4GB of DDR3 memory as well as 128GB SSD for internal storage. It also has three USB 3.0 ports, a 2MP front camera and HDMI output but the best thing about this tablet is its 15.6 inch display with 3200*1800 resolution. The screen is made up from IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide), a high-performance, ultra-high-definition transparent compound semiconductor material that is faster and more energy efficient than a traditional LCD screen. Sharp pioneered the production of IGZO LCD panels back in 2012. The company hopes to see IGZO technology used in the future on such devices as mirrors that display the weather, plates that display calorie information, OLED displays, and more. But for now, the technology is being used on high-definition tablet PCs such as the Meibus Pad and RW-16G1.

The RW-16G1 tablet is 12.5mm thick and weighs about 1.25 kilograms. Its battery life will last up to about 9 hours, yet Sharp will only produce three thousand units per month so demand will be high for these items.

The product will only be available in Japan initially but may go worldwide within time. The RW-16G1 tablet will arrive to the market sometime in March although the price is unknown.

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