Sneak Peak Cooler Master QuickFire i Compact Keyboard


Today we got the chance to have a sneak peak at the Cooler Master QuickFire i Compact Gaming keyboard. The QuickFire i drops straight inline with the current QuickFire branded keyboards, with the typical Cooler Master flare in design and aesthetics.  The QuickFire i has some brand new features that have been added to the keyboard, these include Full LED backlighting, and Cooler Master patented Activelight technology.  Allowing the user to choose between three preset lighting modes and even program their own.

The three modes are, Full Lit Keys, breath, and trailing mode.  Essentially the first two are what we have come to expect from almost all backlit keyboards, the trail modes simply means that as a key is pressed it will light up as you release the key itself.  There is also the ability to program the lighting effects manually on the keyboard itself.  There are three memory functions available and these profiles save directly to the keyboard itself allowing you to take the keyboard anywhere and keep your own lighting program.

I was also informed that you can also program the lighting effects via software, although the software was not available to use at the time.

Current Specifications.

*Quick & Tactile Mechanical Switches
*Full LED Backlighting
*Activelight Technology – Response/Trailing Effects
*Four Individual Key Lighting Modes

The above is all we have available at the moment, and Cooler Master where not forthcoming with any more detailed specifications.  We expect the full details to emerge in the coming weeks, and watch this space for a full review from Play3r.


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