There’s just two days to go until Black Friday, the start of arguably the busiest shopping weekend of the year. But with more shopping being done online than ever, especially when it comes to the gaming market, online stores such as Origin will be looking to maximise their profits by offering you better deals than anywhere else.

Origin has already begun its deals in fact, saying gamers can “avoid the lines and save on great games”. Some of the deals are actually pretty good to, and sure it’s no Steam sale, but there are savings to be had, so here are what I believe to be the best deals of Origin’s sale.

Battlefield 3 -£3.74

Most of you will probably own this by now, either through The Humble Bundle, or having purchased it previously. The game has come a long way since launch, arguably for better or worse, but in it’s current form it’s not a bad game, and well worth the £3.74 it’s currently up for, even if you only get a few hours out of it.

Battlefield 4 – £7.49

Another Battlefield title, with the CTE updates, and the slow but continuing improvements of the multiplayer’s issues, the game is starting to become what it should have been at launch. It’s getting towards the end of its life cycle now, but will probably be around for a while yet, as Battlefield 3 still is, so worth picking up at that price if you’ve been patiently waiting to try it out for yourself.

Dead Space 3 – £4.99

An excellent third instalment to the series, it lacked a lot of the horror element of the previous games, but in my opinion made up for it with, what I thought was, a well put together storyline that continued on well from the events of the previous two games. All in all I only played through it once, but worth it at £4.99.

Crysis 3 – £5.99

Well worth it’s price tag even if it’s just to look at the jaw dropping graphics, play’s a little differently to the original due to the different setting, but still feels like Crysis. You’ll need a pretty decent rig to get the best out of it, but you can still have an enjoyable experience if you don’t. I liked most of the story but not the last few hours unfortunately, still an excellent effort by Crytek though.

Mass Effect 3 – £4.99

Rated as one of the best stories in gaming with one of the worst endings, I picked the game up after the new endings had been added in and overall found it a very enjoyable experience. It wasn’t as good as Mass Effect 2 for me, but still a great game and worth more than the £4.99 price it currently wears.

Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection – £12.49

One of my favourite franchises of all time, either pick up the whole bundle or C&C3: Tiberium Wars which was by far my favourite one. An excellent RTS franchise, all the way from the original and Red Alert, right through to 3, with hundreds of hours of gameplay available in this collection it’s well worth the price tag whether you’re a new or experienced RTS player or not.

So there you have it, those are my personal recommendations from the sale, but there are some other deals in there including Far Cry 3, Fifa, Need For Speed, and many others for you to check out if they interest you. Will you be picking up any games from Origin’s sale, or will you be waiting for Friday to get the really cheap deals? Let us know.

You can pick up these deals here

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