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A Virtual Reality Helmet For PlayStation 4

A Virtual Reality Helmet For PlayStation 4

Last February there were rumors  about a virtual reality helmet for the PlayStation 4 yet nothing more was said or let out about it. But since last year, the rumors have not only re-emerged but have now been partially confirmed by Sony Corp.

The president at Sony Entertainment, John Smedley, was doing a ‘Ask me anything’ on Reddit. When he was asked whether EverQuest’s next video game would support virtual reality helmets, he answered positively. He also added that one helmet would be from Sony itself. This is the first time Sony have openly said that the PlayStation 4 will be accompanied by its own virtual reality helmet. This will also give Sony a higher boost above rivals, Microsoft with their Xbox One.

The headset is on track to be revealed sometime this year but will be released next year but it’s not quite certain when. The helmet will work similarly to the Oculus Rift, but that is all we know for now. Some people have said that other virtual reality helmets broke quickly and couldn’t keep up with latest graphics with newer games coming out, so lets hope Sony have thought about the future of the helmet rather than here-and-now.

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