The Play3r Live Show


Hello and welcome to the home of’s ‘The Play3r Live Show’. We produce a bi-weekly live show for around an hour or so where we let out hair down, cover a variety of news topics, share witty banter, and may occasionally take the piss out of each other. We also have a variety of guests from the industry on every now and again so stay tuned.

The show airs bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) on a Thursday evening at around 8pm GMT (UK Time). I say around as for some reason or another we are normally fashionably late, normally Dave’s fault!

We hope you can make the shows as often as possible, but if not remember they are available on our YouTube channel under the ‘Play3rTV Live Show’ moniker.

This week’s ‘The Play3r Live Show’ is available below, click ‘YouTube’ at the bottom to chat to us during the show.

Click play below to see when the next show will be happening.

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