Alpenföhn K2 Mount Doom Review


Brand: Alpenföhn
Model: K2 Mount Doom
RRP: £59.99 at OverclockersUK (At time of review)

Something slightly different from the ITX coolers has arrived on my test bed today and it is one from Alpenföhn. It’s dubbed as the K2 Mount Doom which is one of the biggest coolers I have ever seen, period. If you  thought the Silver Arrow and D14 were big. You’d be wrong. This cooler is a goliath in comparison. Either way, it’s not always about its size, is it? I’ll be putting it to the test to find out how well it performs to find out whether its sheer size will make it a better cooler than say a SB-E Extreme from Thermalright or not.

Alpenfohn are a new-ish company to the IT industry in terms of their name but they were actually set up by another company called EKL AG who deal with industrial cooling. They were set up in 1995 and who then formed Alpenfohn in 2008. Hopefully their experience will bring fantastic coolers to the table. There’s only one real way to find out and that is by testing them.

The cooler that I have in my hands today is the K2 Mount Doom as mentioned previously. It is a beast (size wise) and it certainly looks like it will be a solid contender against the likes of the Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme and Noctua NH-D14. Before we take a look at its performance, let’s take a quick look at the specifications and then quickly move on to the product.

Heatsink Specifications:

Part number 84000000057
Size 146x154x160mm
Weight 1050gr(without fan)

Specifications 120mm Wing Boost fan:

Size 120x120x25mm
Operating Voltage 12 VDC
Fan Speed(@12VDC) 1500 rpm
Airflow 108 m³/h
Bearing HD-Bearing(Hydraulic Bearing)
Auto Restart Yes

Specifications 140mm Wing Boost fan:

Size 140x25mm
Operating Voltage 12 VDC
Fan Speed(@12VDC) 1100 rpm
Airflow 104,7 m³/h
Bearing HD-Bearing(Hydraulic Bearing)
Auto Restart Yes


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