Antec ISK 600 Review


Closer Look – Exterior 

Now it’s time to take a proper look at this case. As per normal I will start with the front, the ISK 600 has quite a simple front panel. At the top there is a small slot for a slim laptop sized optical drive, to the right of that you may just be able to make out the Antec branding. In the middle of the case, you can see a gloss strip; this is where the blue LED lighting effect will come from. At the very bottom we have the chassis front IO panel; this consists of a single USB 3.0 port, 3.5 mm headphone and microphone jacks and a single USB 2.o port. To the right of the front IO is the power and reset buttons.

The exterior of the chassis is on piece of brushed aluminium. It simply slots on, and is held in place by three thumbscrews on the rear of the chassis. As you can see towards the front of the chassis, there is a vented mesh area. This is also on the same place on the opposite side of the chassis. On the edge of the front panel you will also notice that there is a vented section, this is so there is some airflow available for the power supply fan which will be mounted in the front of this chassis.

Moving onto the rear of the chassis we can see that Antec have decided to go with a rear 120 mm exhaust fan positioned above the motherboard IO slot. Whilst this is fine with many of the coolers designed to fit this chassis, you may run into problems with orientation on some of the tower coolers on the market. On the right hand side we have the two PCI expansion slots which are held in play by a bracket which utilities downward pressure from screws. Lastly on the bottom right hand side we have a kettle plug input for the power supply. This is a similar implementation to what we saw with the BitFenix Phenom, where it runs to a right angled input for the power supply itself.

On the underside of the chassis there is not much to note, in each corner we have three rubber feet and a small ventilated area on the top right hand side. The reason for there being no air intakes are that the power supply is mounted in the front of the chassis and intakes air through the front panel.

Here is what the external shell of the ISK 600 looks like when removed. It is a single piece of brushed aluminum and as you can also see is held in place by three thumb screws towards the rear.

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