Razer Comms and Game Booster Software Overview


Razer Comms is an instant messaging application that lets you keep in touch with your friends in a number of different ways. You can have 1on1 chats, group chats and even voice chats. It also allows for file transfers, has a built in game launcher and offers SMS Forwading and Call Notifications. It is available to download for Windows or Android from https://www.razerzone.com/comms

Razer Game Booster is an application that will help boost your game and over PC performance and lifespan. It does this by allowing you to customize and manage certain features of your PC and programs that directly affect performance. There are a number of other options as well. Razer Game Booster also has its own Screen and Video capture options. One of the bigger features to mention is the fact it allows you to link to your dropbox account and auto-backup saved games directly to it. There are a few more features I go over in my video below and it is available to download fromĀ https://www.razerzone.com/gamebooster

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