ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II OC Review


Brand: ASUS
Model: GTX 770 DirectCU II OC
RRP: £330 at OverclockersUK (At time of review)

ASUS are globally known for their products because they are manufactured with quality components and have a great warranty to back it up. ASUS was founded in 1989 by four ex Acer employees. Since then, they’ve built up a solid reputation in the business for being one of the finest manufacturers around and they have also managed to secure a large market share in virtually anything PC based. Motherboards, graphics cards, all-in-one PCs, servers, you name it and ASUS probably do it or have something to do with it.

Today I am going to be taking a look at one of the latest ranges of ASUS graphics cards which come in the GTX 700 series family. It’s the DirectCU II GTX 770 which sports 2GB of VRAM and the DirectCU II cooler. ASUS claim that this cooler allows the card to run up to 20% cooler as well as three times quieter than the reference cooler.

The GTX 770 is essentially a GTX 680 but rebadged and given a slight speed bump. The VRAM is manufactured by Samsung too and they are faster chips. Other than that, it is (purely in terms of spec) a glorified GTX 680. One thing which I do like is that most GTX 770s come with aftermarket coolers out of the box rather than reference ones so that is a big plus in my books.

How well will this card perform? How well will it overclock? Does it have the might to stand up to the GTX 780? There’s only one real way to find out, and that is by testing it. Let’s look at the specs and then crack on.


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