Asus RP-N14 WiFi Range Extender Review



Asus are following in the normal black box packaging as usual, it’s nice to see them use the same packaging for all their products. The box comes with a cut out on the front so you can see the actual product.
The front and back of the box is printed with promotional material where it shows off the fact that the RE200 uses the 2.4GHz WiFi band on this model. The rear of the packaging shows you some of the other models Asus offers. Outlining three models, with the RP-N14 as the baby (couldn’t think of a better analogy) of the trio.
asus-rp-n14-extender (1) asus-rp-n14-extender (2)

The sides of the RE200s box are where the information we’re after is printed. The right side contains┬ámulti-lingual features with a couple bullet points each.
The left side contains an easy-setup image, specifications list, and a list of the package contents.

asus-rp-n14-extender (9)asus-rp-n14-extender (10)Inside is a sleeve which when opened contains a multi-lingual quick start guide and an Asus VIP member warranty notice. It is strange to see no ethernet cable being included.asus-rp-n14-extender (3)

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