Attitude One Almaz Review


[section_title title=Closer Look] Closer Look

The Almaz come in a fairly neutral package aesthetically although depending on what headphone colour you pick this will be reflected on the box.

The rear of the packaging is quite clinical too.

It’s quite hard to tell from the pictures but the actual packing itself is extremely sturdy and has a nice weight to it. There’s no reason to believe the headphones could be damaged in transit.

With the top cardboard flap lifted up your presented with the Almaz itself, this too hidden under a cardboard layer again.

The above layer lifts off much like a cake box and we get a proper look at the headphones, microphone and accessory box at the bottom.

Included accessories. The carry bag is made of felt and thus a dust magnet. Not in picture is the 7m 3.5mm cable and also the 6.3mm jack.

On to the centre piece of the Almaz package which is of course the cans themselves.

The slight gap between the ear piece and the headband allows for some rotation both inwards and outwards and back to front.

The headband itself has a rubbered underside which, sadly, has no room for conceding to pressure when you put the headphones on. The joints where the headphones break-in to collapse down can be seen just within the metal area above the R and L prints.

Although almost exclusively for looks, having an aluminium runner going through the headset should help with build quality rather than a straight plastic system.

The Almaz are closed back headphones finished off with an A1 logo,

Bonus shot with a nice serving of ear padding.


The Almaz  is definitely aiming at the newly and ever popular headphone crowd then where aesthetics is concerned. They certainly look the part, for better or worse, but how do they perform?


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