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The Almaz headphones were a bit of surprise to me. Coming from a relatively low profile company I wasn’t sure what to expect, although I was also quite interested too given their well regarded Tunguska we covered. It’s obvious Attitude One mean serious business with the Almaz as the looks and packaging all appear to be fruits of a specific vision and labour.

To start, for £100 or so pounds the Almaz is a solid shout for anyone looking for some on-ear headphones with the mobile capacity to boot. I’ve used some on-ear ones from various manufacturers up to around the £100 mark and most haven’t included voice support. For me, the voice capability is the defining point that the Almaz brings to the table and especially at the asking price. So if voice capability is something you want or need, they’re definitely worth checking out. As I mentioned in the introduction also, the Almaz should work fine with a DualShock 4 controller if any of you are looking for a headset to use with Sony’s new console.

Of course, you also want some reasonable, if not good, sound quality for your money and the Almaz was great here too. Admittedly, the bass-orientated sound is certainly noticeable but I didn’t find it jarring or detrimental and perhaps even enjoyable as opposed to my usual ‘source’ take on sound material. Whether it’s games, music or films, the overall show from the Almaz is a positive one.

However, what the Almaz makes up for in the sound it falls down in the comfort department for me. The tight fit and not-too-comfy headband make for an overall pair of cans that isn’t enjoyable after extended use. Extended use is the keyword here, but if you feel like you’d be wearing a pair of headphones non-stop for two or more hours then, sadly, the Almaz isn’t for you. Of course people have different shaped heads and ears, but I wouldn’t want to spend a not insignificant amount on some headphones if you think you’d be wearing them a lot of the time for extended periods and run the risk of them not being comfortable.

To wrap-up, I think Attitude One have a solid product in the Almaz. The sound quality and bundled accessories were a boon for me, both in terms of what’s shipped and also the quality of the dedicated microphone. Naturally, the comfort factor of the Almaz will be a big issue for some but I think you’d have to test them in person and decide if they’re okay for you. Attitude One will have done some testing and wouldn’t purposefully design a bad headset, but for me, my ears didn’t feel great after a few hours on the Almaz on my head. If you think the fit of the headphones won’t be a problem then I’d highly recommend you take a look at them if you’re looking for some new headphones with this feature set and price.

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The Almaz are a really great all-round package only let down by the comfort factor from my own experience – unlikely to be un-comfy for everyone! The included accessories should have everyone covered and the sound doesn’t disappoint no matter what you throw at them.

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