Jabra Elite Sport Featured

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Ear Buds Review

Jabra have released the first wireless Bluetooth ear buds that also contain a heart rate monitor - how do these unique ear buds perform? Find out now.

Blue Sadie Wireless Headphones Review

The Blue Sadie sit as one of Blue Microphones most premium headphones with a whole host of features designed to deliver top quality audio performance at a highly contested price point.
Corsair VOID PRO USB RGB Gaming Headset Review 4

Corsair VOID Pro RGB USB Gaming Headset Review

Up for review today is Corsair's latest gaming headset, the VOID Pro RGB USB gaming headset. How does it stack up and does adding RGB make it better? Read the review now...
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Roccat Renga Boost Open Headset Review

The Roccat Renga Boost is a refined re-issue of an upper budget headset with a focus on audio quality from both the drivers and the microphone

Sennheiser MM70i Review

For review we have a pair of MM70i's targetted at being an all in one solution complete with high quality audio they should be perfect for any a commuter.

ASUS Cerberus V2 Gaming Headset Review

Join me in this review where I'm taking a look at ASUS' Cerberus V2 headset. Read my review and get the low down on this ace little headset!

Antec SP1 Review

Today we take a look at the Antec SP1 speaker, does it live up to Antecs high standards or does it fall short.

Blue Spark Digital Microphone Review

Today I will be taking a look at the Blue Spark Digital Microphone, but how did it do? lets find out....

Klipsch KG-200 Review

Klipsch are no doubt a brand you've heard of before where personal audio is concerned, and today, we'll be looking at one of their new products, the Klipsch KG-200

Play3r Bluetooth Speaker Roundup

In today's review I'll be covering four Bluetooth speakers we've had in the Play3r labs over the last few weeks. The speakers range from...