Blue Spark Digital Microphone Review

Today I will be taking a look at the Blue Spark Digital Microphone, but how did it do? lets find out....

Play3r Bluetooth Speaker Roundup

In today's review I'll be covering four Bluetooth speakers we've had in the Play3r labs over the last few weeks. The speakers range from...

CM Storm Pulse-R Aluminium Review

Today Dom takes a look at the Cm Storm Aluminium Gaming Headset, does it live up to Cooler Masters high standards or fall short of the mark lets find and out shall we?

Geemarc CL7400 Wireless Headphones Review

the Geemarc CL7400 is a wireless pair of headphones designed for those who are hard of hearing. In the simplest terms, these are really quite loud - amplified - headphones more so than your usual ones would be.
Creative SoundBlasterX Katana Soundbar Feature

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana 5.1 Gaming Soundbar Review

Presenting our review of the Creative Sound BlasterX Katana, multi-channel surround sound sound bar and subwoofer system designed with gamers in mind.

Jazooli Sound Reverb Bluetooth Speaker Review

Today we take a look at the X05 Ultimate Editions 2 wireless Bluetooth speaker from Audio Dynamix. The manufacturer makes impressive claims, can it deliver?
LINDY BNX-60 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review 3

LINDY BNX-60 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

Today I take a look at the LINDY BNX-60 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, featuring aptX and Active Noise Cancelling technology.
Blue Yeti Nano Featured Image

Blue Yeti Nano USB Microphone Review

The Blue Yeti Nano is the latest USB based condenser microphone to come from Blue Microphones and we give our verdict on what should be a popular purchase for streamers, podcasters and content creators.

LUXA2 Lavi D Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Lavi D wireless headphones from LUXA 2 promise to combine light weight, long battery life and elegant design all in one package, let's see how they perform!

Cooler Master MH751 Headset Review

Cooler Master are a long held favourite manufacturer of us here at Play3r, and today we have one of their headsets from the newest lines, the MH751.