ASUS Xonar U7 Echelon Review


[section_title title=”Introduction”]Introduction

  • Brand: ASUS
  • Model: Xonar U7 Echelon
  • Price: £95.99 (At time of review)

ASUS are considered one of the cornerstones of not only gaming but enthusiast grade computer components and have been pushing the boundaries with their ROG (Republic of Gamers) range.  The name ASUS comes from the winged horse “Pegasus” from Greek mythology which embodies strength, purity and “soars” to new heights, pretty much what ASUS do with their products themselves!

With a finger in a lot of pies such as notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, motherboards and even gaming headsets, one of their hugely popular ranges is sound cards.  With the Xonar range featuring top quality components, compatibility with Dolby and reasonably priced compared to their competitors, it is no surprise that ASUS continue to take every market they release a product into by storm.

With that being said, today I will be taking a look at a sound card from their Xonar range, more namely the Xonar U7 Echelon Edition external USB soundcard.  The U7 features true 7.1 HD audio support, integrated headphone amplifier and Sonic Radar. The Echelon edition also sports a digital camouflage so will the U7 Echelon edition sound card be a big hit?  Or will it be an easy target for other brands to compete with?  Let’s find out, starting with the specifications…

What ASUS has to say about the Xonar U7 Echelon Edition:

Xonar U7 Echelon Edition is a compact 7.1-channel USB sound card that retains the high audio quality of the award-winning Xonar U7 and adds the military-inspired digital camouflage pattern that is unique to the Echelon range. Xonar U7 Echelon Edition stylish looks stand out loud and proud, but ASUS engineers have crammed the device full of features — to help you to see, to hear and to win!


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