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Closer Look

There is not much going on with the box that the Mesh2 comes in, aside from the ADX logo on the top and a few stickers on the front indicating which colour should be inside, there really is nothing to see. Getting everything out and, of course, we have the Mesh2 speaker itself, 3.5mm and charging cables, instructions and a nice carry pouch to help make sure the Mesh2 doesn’t get scratched in transport and also allows us to keep the cables and speaker together.

Audioa Dynamix Mesh 2_2


The Mesh2 is a nice small speaker and as such it is rather basic, which is just fine with me. The top of the speaker features a nice touch panel controller where users will be able to control the volume and answer calls using the Mesh2’s inbuilt call answering feature.

Audioa Dynamix Mesh 2 Audioa Dynamix Mesh 2_4

Looking at the speaker and we can easily see where it gets the name “Mesh” from. The outside of the speaker is wrapped in mesh, which then has a nice layer of rubber over the top that not only adds to its looks, but is also said to help improve the sound quality as well.

Audioa Dynamix Mesh 2_3

The back of the speaker is where users will find the on/off button and all of the inputs which include the Micro-USB for charging, auxiliary in for those devices that do not have Bluetooth connectivity and there is even a Micro-SD card slot as well, offering users as many options as possible to make sure they can enjoy the Mesh2 speaker.

Audioa Dynamix Mesh 2_5 Audioa Dynamix Mesh 2_6

The bottom of the speaker has a nice non-slip padding to ensure that the speaker won’t be too easy to knock about no matter the surface you place it on.

Audioa Dynamix Mesh 2_1

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