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When taking a look at the performance side of the Mesh2, it was really quite good for the size of the speaker. Audio Dynamix have done a great job with their redesigned model and it shows, especially in terms of sound quality. Looking at the size of the speaker one is not expecting it to shake the sound, but it definitely has the ability to fill a decent sized room with sound and even at louder volumes the distortion is almost nil. The Mesh2 offers nice clear sound and while the bass isn’t all that, one really wouldn’t expect it to be for its size. Overall for the size the performance of the Mesh2 is more than sufficient and should please most users.

The design of the Mesh2 is quite pleasing. The outside of the speaker has a nice rubber coating surrounding the grill that not only looks nice, but also helps aid in the sound the Mesh2 has to offer. Atop of the speaker is a nice gloss plastic touch panel with simple volume up/down and a call answer button. The Mesh2 is also lightweight and small enough to be easily carried with you on just about any journey you would embark on; it can also be sat on a desk knowing it would take up much room or interfere with things.

The value of the speaker is quite amazing at the time of review. Coming in at just £25, the Mesh2 has a lot going for it. Not only is it compact, it comes in a variety of colours and for its size the sound it has to offer is great. The Mesh2 also has a great battery life so there is no need to be over concerned on if it will run out of charge when away from a socket. For £25, you are getting a stylish speaker that punches above its weight and will not let you down.

I would like to thank the folks at Audio Dynamix for sending the Mesh2 in for review and look forward to seeing what else they will come out with.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Upgraded HD speakers offer better performance
– Compact and lightweight make it easy to carry
– Comes in various different colours
– Long battery life
– Good sound for a device of its size


– None found

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