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Manufacturer: Coolermaster
Model: Ceres 300
RRP: £30

Following on from our recent Ceres 500 review, today I’ll be covering the CM Storm Ceres 300 which is the entry level headset from Cooler Master. The Ceres 300 is the cheapest of the headsets we’ve covered over the last week, and to get to the £30 RRP console compatibility has gone out of the window as has the USB connection that was integral to the other headsets.


Product Number SGH-2000-KWTA
Headphones  Around-ear
Driver 40mm drivers
Frequency Response
Impedance 32 Ω
[email protected] 112dB ± 4dB
Connector 3.5mm jack
Cable Length 2.5m
Pick-up Pattern Omni-Directional
Frequency Response 100 Hz – 10,000 Hz
Sensitivity -54 ± 3dB

MIC/ in-line remote
Removable Mic ; Volume control; Mic on/off

What Cooler Master say about the Ceres 300:
Following the Ceres-400, Ceres-300 comes with a more streamlined profile and glossy finished look. Thicker padded cushions and an adjustable headband means you’ll game in absolute comfort with the perfect fit at any time. Powerful 40mm drivers deliver high quality and booming sound. A detachable, flexible, and omni-directional microphone ensures clear and close communication with teammates.

The Ceres 300 does stick with the 40mm drivers that form the basis of most, if not all headsets in the gaming market and the inclusion of some volume control and mute functionality is welcome. It’s clear from the specification sheet that the Ceres 300 is entry-level, but what magic have Cooler Master managed to work for the price-tag?


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