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Closer Look

Now we will take a closer look at the CM Storm Pitch Pro Gaming Earphones in a little more detail, including a closer look at what is in the box and snoop at the general aesthetics that Cooler Masters has gone with for this product.


To start, the packaging that the Pitch Pro calls home is build well and sports a silver on matt black finish which stands out, looking very professional and goes hand in hand with the “Pitch Pro” representation that the product is a step up from its predecessor.


The front and sides of the box are very simplish yet eye catching as a whole. As mentioned earlier, we can now see the product following on with the silver on matt black style with subtle hints of red from the earphones themselves which works well to break the colour up a little bit. Either side of the box defines what the product is and shows some close up, size accurate images of the product to help you see the general size of the product without needing to remove it from the packaging.


On the reverse, we can see most of what the packaging contains and also the key selling points. Four boxes cover what is included in the box as well as some features of the product. A more detailed synopsis of the features can be found detailed below with further technical data found at the bottom of the box. This data is what we touched one earlier and can be found in the “Introduction and Specifications” part of this review.


Opening the front flap of the product will revel the extent of what is housed within the box along with some details to the left of frequency responses that the Pitch Pro has over the Pitch. We will cover this more in depth later on in the review.


Opening up the box, we can now see the content inside and look a little more in depth at what is included with the Pitch Pro from CMStorm.


Included, we have a Warranty Service Information card that details the individual serial number given to every set of Pitch Pro earphones to allow for an easy RMA or technical support process.


Next we have a small leather like material case for carrying your Pitch Pro gear, with a CM Storm logo imprinted and hinged top that closes by default to prevent any dirt entering the case.


We also have an adapter to allow the single 3.5mm jack to be split for individual input/output and is very handy for use with PC’s and laptops.


Additional earbuds are provided with the Pitch Pro, allowing for a better fit and in turn, better quality. Small, medium and large are included but the earphones will fit most earbuds on the market.


A travel/flight adapter is included which allows the Pitch Pro earphones to be used on aeroplanes without needing to purchase one yourself. Again, gold plated 3.5mm jacks are used to ensure the best transfer of audio from the output device.


And finally, we have the Pitch Pro earphones by CM Storm, the device we will be reviewing.

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