Cooler Master Pitch Pro Gaming Earphones Review


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Performance and Testing

We will now look a little deeper into the performance and additional factors of the Pitch Pro to see what we think of them. In the real world, a £30 price tag for earphones is quite a request so with comparison to other devices in this range we are expecting high quality and an improvement over the slightly cheaper Pitch earphones.

So, after a total music spree of 8 hours and a total of 28 hours used over the past few weeks, we have put these earphones through some rough testing. A variation of bass, treble, volume increments in both increase and decrease stages were used as well as a variation of all to check for any fluctuation in performance or any black areas that suggest to us that the headset could not withstand what we threw at it. The earphones and microphone were tested on multiple platforms too in order to see if the multi-platform compatibility was up to scratch.

We would like to start by pointing out a point mentioned earlier, which is a general selling point for this device over the standard Pitch, including information provided by CM Storm. Below we can see the frequency response chart provided to us after rigorous testing by Cooler Master.


As you can see, the Pitch Pro offers a much better response at a higher dB of sound pressure level (dBPSL) compared to the Pitch between 10 and 500 HZ and from there onward we see a similar patters between the two. As mentioned in the section below the chart, frequency response is a specification that indicated how evenly an earphone, speaker, audio system or electronic component reproduces sound over the range of human hearing. We can clearly see, from professional factory based investigation, that the Pitch Pro offers a much better frequency response over the standard Pitch and makes for a worthy purchase over its predecessor.



Being a pair of earphones, there is only so much I can talk about due to the only contact with my ears that they make are through earbuds which can easily be swapped out for other brands or sizes to suit my ear canal. Generally, they are lightweight so don’t cause any unwanted stress on my ears and the interchangeable earbuds allows you to choose a set which fits best, heightening the user experience as a whole. Movability is very easy and the earphones don’t fall out when in use so also double up as a great audio running aid for when at the gym or out on your morning commute.

Sound Quality

Testing was on a variety of high quality .WAV, MP4 and other HRA files as well as a variation of platforms, from smartphones to PC’s. Specification wise, the Pitch Pro seems to offer a lot in a small, compact design and likewise for most high end earphones. Once plugged in, configured in a manor which best suited what I was using the earphones for and what I will be running them on, I truly was entertained with what I was experiencing. Each note, every drop and dive, the Pitch pro delivered exactly what was being outputted from the device. Everything was crisp, bass sending vibrations through your ears that rivals headphones around the £80 mark and this all made for a great experience. Overall, I am highly impressed and certainly shocked to feel so much kick from such a small device.

Microphone Quality


Begin an in-line microphone, we did not expect much from it and once tested this did prove to be the case. Granted, the response time was very good and frequency range suitable for general Skype or telephone calls but what goes into the microphone just becomes heavily saturated and interfered. Simply, it is good for its intended purpose but don’t rely on it too much as there are better alternatives in the microphone spectrum. Overall we are happy, we did have fairly low expectations for the in-line microphone but it is fairly reasonable for such a compact device.

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