Cooler Master Pitch Pro Gaming Earphones Review


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Now we will conclude our findings of the Pitch Pro with in-line microphone from CM Storm, a mid level headset with a price tag of under £35.

To begin with, the Pitch Pro is a headset for those wanting a lightweight alternative to a full on gaming headset and also provides the ability to use in every day situations. From a lengthy gym session to a long run, LAN event or casual gaming, the Pitch Pro is an expansion of what portability and compatibility in the modern world is all about. It was a pleasure to have such a comfortable and light set of earphones hug my eardrums softly while I played games and listened to music. Cooler Master really have worked well to provide an excellent product in such a small-factor form.


Out of the box, everything you need to get up and go is there for you and with the addition of some cool spare accessories you really can get the best out of the product at hand. This is what we like to see from products, getting everything you need for the price rather than having to spend more money on converters, carry cases, spare earbuds etc. We may not be tight, but getting good value when it comes to spending is something we wish all companies would take to heart when designing their products and plus, we are British and pretty much always avoid spending where not needed!

Performance is near flawless. We say near, since nothing is perfect and in comparison to a £1000 custom pair of Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones, the Pitch Pro cannot come near to that kind of excellence but all the same, the Pitch pro is a reminder that quality can come in cheap bundles. A few dull notes here and there, expected with so much stress on the small drivers within, were masked by the bass. Enjoy a good noise cancelling set of earbuds with a combination of low bass and upbeat music to truly feel the performance factor from a tiny product like this. Gaming was again a breeze for the Pitch pro and it kept up with everything we threw at it. Obviously, not designed to cater for those in need of a full headset with boom mic, the Pitch Pro is an easy and portable alternative.

Build quality is great, nothing special but is strong and sturdy. Not made of cheap plastic that squeaks and marks when in use. The red cap is a cool look and finishes the general build off very well, giving the earphones a unique look. Overall, I am very happy with the build and don’t expect the Pitch pro to be falling to pieces any time soon!


The multi-platform transition was very easy and required no drivers at all. Simply plug and play, using the relevant headphone converter for platforms that require it and removing it when not needed. With use on many platforms, this ability opens the doors for gamers of many different gaming systems to be able to use it as well as music lovers to enjoy their favorite tracks no matter the system.

So, is the Pitch Pro worth the price tag? How does it compare to similar specification headsets and would it win my heart? Overall, I have to say that the Pitch Pro performed extremely well for an item of this price range and specification. No corners were cut when developing and manufacturing these premium earphones. Performance, build quality and the overall device in general has shocked me, in a good way, as I didn’t expect the power from such a small device. Again, is it worth it? I think so and many of my friends, whom I asked to test this device out for a few minutes, think so. The Pitch Pro from Cooler Masters will be staying with me as my choice of earphones until death, or a run cycle through the washing machine, do us part.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


– Compact set of headphones
– Good price for the performance
– Works on all platforms
– Great build quality

– Slight issues with performance but masked by bass

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