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Closer Look

The Fugoo is presented in a hard plastic shell to clearly shows the speaker. It’s a style of packaging I’ve seen before when reviewing speakers and it really is quite appealing, being able to see the product at almost every angle instead of having to rely on images on the box that are likely to have been edited. The lower half of the packaging is reserved for those images and is where the accessories are housed.

The Fugoo Sport itself is black with a blue-accented rubberised layer wrapping each edge and along the base. The Fugoo name and logo are shown front and back and just visible in this image are the controls on the top  of the speaker.

Fugoo Speaker box Front

Around the back we have a little more info on the plastic housing as well as the cardboard base (though it’s possible that I put the plastic top on backward when taking these photos). It highlights the 40 hour battery, 360 degree sound and Siri enabled speaker phone which also works with ‘Ok Google’ commands if you’re an Android user.

Fugoo Speaker box rear

Each edge of the box is identical as far as packaging is concerned. a simple diagram showing what’s inside.

Fugoo Speaker box side1

Speaking of contents, here they are in all their glory: As well as the Fugoo Sport itself you get a wall USB charger suitable for both UK and Euro sockets, USB to MicroUSB cable, 3.5mm connector cable and a handy pouch to keep the accessories in.

Fugoo Speaker with accessories

Close up, the speaker has quite dense rubber padding on the base and around both ends to help it survive a drop or two. The front and back are indistinguishable with a with a woven mesh that wraps over the top of the speaker where the large control indicators are located.

Fugoo Speaker Front

To the side, we have a 3.5mm port, for those who don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled device, alongside the MicroUSB power connector. Plastic mesh covers and protects one of the drivers.

Fugoo Speaker side2

On the other side are the on/off and Bluetooth connection controls as well as an LED indicator, with the rest of the side being a plastic mesh covering another of the drivers.

Fugoo Speaker side1

Most of what we have seen so far on the speaker is actually an interchangeable jacket that you can slide on and off or replace with other jacket versions to match your needs, such as this Style version that forgoes all the rubber protection for a much sleeker design.

Fugoo Speaker Jacket

When you remove the jacket you are left with the Fugoo Core, which is dustproof and waterproof to 1m depth (IP67) making it easy to rinse off any dirt or duct that had got through the jacket while on your travels. When the jacket is removed you can see the two of the six drivers on the side as well as the controls and microphone on the top.

Fugoo Speaker Core

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