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Gamdias Hephaestus Review

Gamdias Hephaestus Review

[section_title title=Introduction]Introduction

Manufacturer: Gamdias
Model: Hephaestus
RRP: £70

Gamdias may not be a company you’ve came across before – and the item we’re reviewing today doesn’t have a link to a UK supplier -but nevertheless, the company is looking to make waves in both design and features with the more established names in the peripheral market. The Gamdias Hephaestus is the first such product we’ll be reviewing from the manufacturer, with the headset packing a lot under its casing if the packaging is to be believed, including a vibration function similar to the Venom XT+ we covered recently.


Cable Length 2.5m
Dimension(LxWxH) 232 x 100 x 216 mm
Frequency range 20 ~ 20KHz
Plug type Gold-plated USB plug
Sensitivity 117dB + / – 4 dB at 1 kHz
Impedance 32 Ohms
Driver diameter 40mm
Driver magnets NdFeB
Driver membrane N/A
Microphone size 6.0 * 5.0mm
Microphone Sensitivity -46dB + / – 3 dB
Maximum input power 100 mW
Microphone frequency range 100 ~ 10KHz
Microphone impedance 2.2 K Ohms
Vibration unit frequency range 20 ~ 200Hz
Vibration unit sensitivity 82dB + / – 4 dB
Vibration unit impedance 8 Ohms
Vibration unit maximum input power 1 W
Application UI GAMDIAS EOS

What Gamdias say about the Hephaestus:

Did you ever think surround sound is getting old-school? Have you ever had a 4D experience with your headsets? How about a cooling system in them? Well…HEPHAESTUS gaming headset is here to offer you those exclusive features never seen before on the planet, and that alone epitomizes the dominance of HEPHAESTUS in this particular industry.

As far as the specifications go the Hephaestus fits right in with most other offerings at this price range. The 40mm drivers, USB connection and Gamdias software are replicated across most other manufacturers and even the vibration feature has been seen elsewhere as mentioned further up. What the Gamdias does have going for it that puts it in a unique spot is its aesthetics however, and with that let’s get acquainted with the Hephaestus itself.



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