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Setting up and using the HAVIT HV-SK466BT is nothing too out of the ordinary for a Bluetooth speaker. To use the NFC feature make sure you have installed the Tap-and-Pair  software and make sure your phones NFC feature is activated. For Bluetooth all you need to do is turn Bluetooth on your device on , scan for new devices and connect to HV-Sk466BT. From here you should hopefully be connected to the HV-Sk466BT on your device and can now enjoy some music or extra sound from a video or whatever you may enjoy. Once paired you will also be able to use the phone features of the speaker as well.
Audio Quality 

Audio quality was very good for a device of it’s size. It has 2 x 3w speakers that are only powered by a 1000mAh built-in lithium battery. There was very little distortion, if any even at higher volumes. As you can imagine there is not a whole lot of bass that comes out of the HV-SK466BT but on the other hand, once should not expect much bass from any device of this size and nature. The in-built volume controls give customers a great range of volumes to suit their needs and allows for more than enough sound to fill up a whole room. The HV-SK446BT also offers enough sound to be useful for smaller outside parties and/or barbecues or what have you, it is more than powerful enough to liven up most standard sized gardens/yards.

Battery Life

The battery life is good for a device that only has a 1000mAh battery inside. For most of my testing I normally use the speaker around 50% volume, though I do blast it a bit to make sure it can handle it. During my testing the HV-SK466BT averaged around 7 hours which is exactly what I would expect. This is the average time most Bluetooth speakers of this size last, just enough to get you through most of the day.


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