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Manufacturer: Kitsound 
Model: BoomBar 2
Price: £49 (at time of review)

In the general scheme of the Audio world Kitsound are a relative newcomer, but for the last seven years they have been striving to be better and are definitely making a name for themselves. Having fleshed out a pretty broad product catalogue including earbuds, headphones, wireless speakers, home cinema speakers and more they have plenty of products in various categories to attract the discerning listener.

Kitsound state that their main goal as a company is to create immersive listening experiences and good quality products that don’t cost the earth, with the not costing the earth being an important distinction as more established players in the audio world do like to charge a sometimes hefty premium to the brand followers who are happy to pay it so it is always nice to see when companies are conscious about providing good value to their customers.

The subject of today’s review is the BoomBar 2, a revised and upgraded version of the original BoomBar. It features a more modern looking angular design, an all black housing and some beefy 50mm drivers in a package Kitsound promise to be formidable in the price range. It certainly all looks good on paper but lets crack on with the review and see if the BoomBar 2 makes good on the manufacturer’s claims.

More about Kitsound: 

At KitSound we believe your music deserves to be listened to on great quality products that don’t cost the earth. That’s why we’re constantly fine-tuning our headphones and speakers so you can showcase your music at its best. Since we launched the X3SPK speaker back in 2007, we’ve been researching, developing and striving to perfect our craft. But KS’s history goes back further than that.

At the age of eight, our Product Developer Justin nearly electrocuted himself by taking apart a mono tape player he bought at a car boot sale. From that moment on he became obsessed with opening second-hand speakers to see what was going on inside, and was often thrown out of his local electrical shop for playing his music at full blast on the display stereos. “I’ve always been completely immersed in music and I love it in all shapes and styles. I love the physical nature of sound, the way it affects not just the ears but the whole body, and also the mind. I strive every day to put everything I have heard and felt into the products we make at KS.”


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  1. I have the original version of this Bluetooth speaker. It is ok but the bass was a bit underwhelming so pleased to see Kitsound have improved it in this version.

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