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Closer Look

The Hive 2 is packaged in a hard clear plastic shell which gives ample protection as well as displaying the speaker giving full view from all angles except for the base. Accessories are housed away from view in a compartment below the speaker, and all advertising information is displayed around the sides.

Kitsound Hive 2 001

Kitsound Hive 2 002

Cased in a rugged plastic shell, the angular Kitsound Hive 2 looks more like a toy than anything else, which sadly seems to be the way of things as far as Bluetooth speakers go, at least in the <£75 range. The front fascia is cut into a honeycomb design that protects the metal grill underneath.

Kitsound Hive 2 003

Four hexagonal buttons grace the top plate, for accessing power, volume and Bluetooth / phone call control. Surrounding the power button is a dual colour LED and around the Bluetooth button is another LED status indicator.

There’s not too much going on around the back of the Hive 2, the only things of note are the USB2.0 charging port and 3.5mm aux-in audio jack.

Kitsound Hive 2 006

On the base, we have 2 sturdy rubber feet as well as a large mostly open honeycomb grill that covers the passive bass radiator.

Kitsound Hive 2 007

As far as accessories go there’s a fair selection. Included is a USB 2.0 charging cable, a flat audio cable with 3.5mm jacks as well as a pouch which provides a little protection from dust and dirt and an information leaflet.

Kitsound Hive 2 005

We now know what the Kitsound Hive 2 looks like, and I’ve already given my first impression of the first song played, but that is far from the whole story so please read on for the full testing segment.

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  1. great review, i adore this speaker. the fact that the only negative you give is towards the visual aesthetic (i personally really like the design, is really eye catching and unique on my black unit) speaks volumes about it. a sub £40 portable speaker which will take pretty much anything you throw at it with rich full sound is indeed a marvel in my eyes/ears

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