Tesoro Olivant A2 Pro Gaming Headset Review


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Closer Look

Now let’s take a closer look at the Olivant A2 Pro gaming headset to see what all the fuss is about. In usual unboxing fashion, we will begin with the shipping box and work our way forward.


The front of the box has a cut out to show you the headset, detailing of the company and model number as well as some selling points.


The back of the box shows another image of the headset and further details the selling points in full.


In the box, you will receive the headset in full, detachable boom microphone, in-line control box and extension cable. Typical manuals are included as well as your warranty.


The headband of the Olivant A2 pro has the “Tesoro” name added to the headband in a very slick look.


The construct of the headset features two headbands. One that is for structural support (top) and one to sit on the user’s head (bottom) that self-adjusts to find the best-sitting position.


The earcups are made of a leather-like material and cup around the ears to ensure there is a snug fit. This also prevents you hearing any background noise, also known as noise cancelling.

Now let us look at how the headset performs in real world testing!

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