BitFenix Phenom MATX Review


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Closer Look – Packaging

As with all of my reviews I will start with the front of the box. This is not too dissimilar from the Prodigy that I have previously looked at; in fact it is practically the same. The left hand side of the box is dominated by a large BitFenix logo and the bottom by a black banner with the BitFenix website address in it. We then have the Phenom name and that it is a Micr0-ATX chassis as well. That is one of the very unique things about this chassis that it is delivered in both an ITX and mATX format. If you looked at the exterior of the two chassis, then you would not be able to tell the difference at all, it is on the inside where it is totally different.

The back of the box gives us a good insight into what this case is all about; again it is very similar to what we saw with the Prodigy. We have three illustrated images on the back of the box. One gives a good insight into what the exterior of the chassis will look like and points out that the exterior of the chassis has been treated with the BitFenix SofTouch surface treatment, which as stated before, is a feature of BitFenix cases that I really like. The image to the right of that shows part of the interior layout of the chassis. This also gives us a first look at some of the unique design choices that BitFenix have decided to implement with this chassis. Something that is a little different from many of the MATX chassis on the market is the inclusion of 5 PCI slots. This is for any double spacing a motherboard manufacturer may use to allow optimal cooling for multi-GPU setups. We can also see that they claim to have support for 240mm radiators in the roof. This is something that I will take a look at later on. Rather uniquely, BitFenix have decided to mount the PSU in the front of the case, mainly because there is no room where it would conventionally be mounted due to it being such a small chassis. Lastly we have the inverted motherboard tray. In simple terms, what this does is make the PCI slots are at the top of the chassis rather than the bottom. With the way the fans in the chassis are also orientated this useful as heat from the GPU’s is already as the top of the chassis and exhausted straight out.

On this side of the box we have a small BitFenix logo as well as the chassis name and size at the top. Then were have a small illustration of the top and front of the chassis and then a specification list for the chassis which can be found on the previous page. The opposite box has nothing of note on it, and the courier for this sample decided to stick their shipping labels all over it.

Upon opening the box, we see that the chassis itself is held in place by some thick polystyrene and the chassis itself is wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent any dust or scratches during transit.



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