Aerocool Dead Silence Cube Review


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Closer Look – Packaging

As always I’m going to start with the front of the box. On both sides of the box, Aerocool have decided to use the same design with an illustration of the general look from the front of the chassis. We can see an Aerocool logo with the ‘DS’ and ‘Dead Silence’ branding. The text underneath that is the same as the features list on the previous page. We can also see that Aerocool have added two boxes so people know whether there is a window side panel or not. Finally the Aerocool website address at the bottom.  

Round top the back we can see that it is practically the same design as the front. The only major difference is that its shows the Specifications list from the previous page rather than the Features.

A quick look at the side of the box shows that they have decided to list the case’s features list in 11 different languages, so most people should be catered for here.

A quick look at the internal packaging of the Dead Silence shows that the chassis is held in place and protected by quite a thick and solid piece of foam at with end. Whilst brittle, this foam is rigid enough to keep the chassis firmly and securely in place during transit to minimise any chance of damage being caused.

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