Aerocool Dead Silence Cube Review


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Having lived with this chassis for a couple of weeks as well as having built both air and water cooled systems in it, lets see how it has stacked up to the similar offerings that we have had pass through the Play3r dungeons recently.

I’ll start with the aesthetics. As many of you will probably agree, this is nothing like the offerings that we have come to expect. It isn’t an in your face and slightly over the top design. The Dead Silence is much more a sleek and conservative approach. Personally I like this, and I cannot help but feel that Aerocool are using the Dead Silence range as a reboot for their image. If they carry on with this aesthetic design, I have no doubt that they will become a very popular and competitive brand.

Both air and water cooling performance of the case is very good, the later being exceptional for a case this size and is a true testament to the design and innovation that Aerocool have given this case. The air cooling performance is good with the airflow from that 180mm intake fan doing a brilliant job and the 120mm exhaust being in the perfect place to shift that air from out Noctua CPU cooler due to the orientation of the motherboard. The modular design of the hard drive rack is also a good move as it opens up a big space in the front of the case for water cooling radiators, as well as a pump and/or reservoir and its nice to see a company screwing in their hard drive cages as well as the optical bays as it allows for easy remove and replacement. As for acoustics, whilst it was never going to be the best in the world in this area, its performance is admirable.

As an aside, I love that Aerocool have managed to sneak in lovely features such as the hidden SSD bays near the power supply mount and the possiblity to fit a 240mm radiator in the roof with push pull fans. In a case this size is just pure brilliance that Aerocool managed to make it work.

If Aerocool were to tidy up the overall build quality of the chassis as well as improving a few areas such as cable management routing and slightly higher quality fans, say for example their similarly named Dead Silence fans which were just released… The Dead Silence has the potential to be a fast home office system or a very potent gaming rig. Aerocool have managed to produce a small gem in this chassis that looks good compared to many of their other chassis that are currently available on the market. As there now major problems to report back on with the Dead Silence and the fact that it has been a pleasure to work with, live with and use over a lengthy period, I feel that it has duly earned our Editors Choice Award.  

The Aerocool Dead Silence cube case, along with more products from Aerocool are available to purchase from Overclockers UK 

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With a sleek new design which dawns a new era of case design at Aerocool, aggressive pricing and excellent performance and designing, Aerocool can genuinely be proud of this case and have managed to go toe to toe with the likes of BitFenix and hold their own.

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