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Getting everything installed inside the Strike-X Cube is an easy and straightforward process and I did not run into any issues at all. The only thing that could have potentially been a problem in my experience was the 5.25″ bay is very close to the GPU and almost would not allow for me to install the two PSU power cables with it in. While it is easily removed some users will want to have a nice GPU and an optical drive of some sort installed so it is definitely something to take note off.

Once everything is installed you can see there is plenty of room in the front of the case and this will of course come in handy for those who wish to install some water cooling gear inside the case. There are plenty of uses for all the extra room especially if you don’t mind doing a bit of modding, you could add more hard drive cages, fans or just use it as a place to hide all your cables.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Installation



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