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Jumping right into things, the Strike-X Cube case offers great performance for that of an m-ATX case. The front 200mm intake fan is an ample cooling solution for most standard builds and looking back at our thermal graphs, we can see it was one of the top cases in terms of temperatures. Aside from the 200mm intake fan, there is plenty of other options to allow users to get the cooling aspect of their build customized to their individual needs. Also, another aspect I think worth mentioning is all of the room inside the case that not only allows for good airflow, it will also allow users to install most anything they could want in an m-ATX rig from water cooling, to extra hard drivers or just allowing them to be left with a nice clean looking build that is not all crammed together.

The design aspect of the Strike-X bodes well for the folks at AeroCool. It is easy to see they put a lot of thought and effort into Strike-X cube, from the LED’s on the front, to the space for two separate exhaust fans in the rear, one for the top half and one for the bottom half. The Strike-X cube was designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing but to also be a fully functional case for a wide range of users with different skill sets and/or needs in an m-ATX case. AeroCool covered all the bases from adding a dust filter for the PSU to allowing for a dual radiator configuration for those users who want to go down the water cooling route, well thought out all around.

In terms of value the AeroCool Strike-X is a good case for the money, not only does it offer a pleasing aesthetic, it is also highly functional and will give users the space and resources needed to get their rig built how they want. The cube factor of the case will also make it easy for users to be left with a clean looking build that they will more than likely wish to show off to everyone.

When all is said and done the AeroCool Strike-X is a great looking case that was designed well. If you are in the market for an m-ATX cube case this should definitely be on the list to be considered.




  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Performs well
– Easy cable management
– Plenty of options for cooling both air and water


– May have to remove 5.25″ bay to install a longer GPU

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