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Closer Look: Exterior

Unboxing the ai7m from anidees, I immediately noticed the large window on the right side of the case. The overall aesthetic of the case is underrated, in my opinion, but I like that it’s been styled this way. Maybe it’s just me? The case measures 288x380x380mm so it’s footprint isn’t that large remembering that it has a dual chamber layout inside.

anidees-ai7m (15)

Front IO consists of 2xUSB3.0, 2xUSB2.0, headphone and microphone jacks and a power and reset switch. Blue power and HDD LEDs are also mounted here. Below you can also see the large transparent 200mm fan mounted.

anidees-ai7m (15a)

anidees choose to put their logo on the right side panel. This happens to be the company name and I like the look of it, very understated as I said earlier. The large windowed panel will show off your hardware very nicely. The left side panel comes with a magnetic dust filter for the power supply intake, well thought out!

anidees-ai7m (13) anidees-ai7m (16)

At the rear of the AI7m, we can see the dual chamber layout better. the top half is where the motherboard and GPU are housed. The bottom half is where the HDDs and SSDs and power supply are mounted. Spot the two 140mm fans mounted on the back, one in the top and a second in the bottom.

anidees-ai7m (16a)


Continue on to see inside the case…

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