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The Build

I’m pleased to say that building inside the ai7m is a breeze. To get access to the top half I removed the dust filter mounted in the top, this gives you all the access you’ll need. The cable management options are limited, but there is plenty of room to run cables where they need to go with a neat appearance. The side panels are held on with 2 screws, are sturdy and easy to install and remove.

anidees-ai7m (25) anidees-ai7m (28)

Using nooks and, in this case, the HDD cage, you can get a neat build with ease, cable management clips for cable ties aren’t readily available however.

anidees-ai7m (30)

This Cryorig C1 cooler looks small inside the ai7m case next to the GTX680 Power Edition GPU. The rubber grommets give the build a clean look and they are made of a good quality rubber with limited movement, what you should expect from a grommet.

anidees-ai7m (23) anidees-ai7m (22) anidees-ai7m (21) anidees-ai7m (20)

Plenty of room inside for the installation. I imagine water cooling in the ai7m would look excellent and be fairly straight forward to install. AIOs would be easily installed in the rear or roof with ease.

anidees-ai7m (34)


I ran into an issue when I installed my GTX680 Power Edition GPU. As it’s a taller GPU, and there are certain models out there, it wouldn’t fit with the 5.25″ drive cage installed. Now, I’m deliberately being super picky here. Removing it would eliminate the issue as would owning a normal sized GPU. But  should I want to install a 5.25″ drive/card reader. I would be in trouble.


anidees-ai7m (29) anidees-ai7m (27)


The rear of the case is a simple affair. Note the fan controller in the top left of the ai7m. The PCI slots have a removable plate which helps assist installation and is becoming fairly common in cases today. Water cooling grommet holes are included for external cooling. Should you wish, the 140mm fans can be replaced with 120mm fans.

anidees-ai7m (33) anidees-ai7m (31)

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