BitFenix Ghost PC Case Review


Closer Look Pack./Ext.

In true BitFenix fashion the box the Ghost comes in is very simplistic, which goes over well for me. On the front is a nice sized BitFenix logo in the top left, then onto the bottom we have the Ghost model name and the URL to their website.

BitFenix Ghost_6

On the back of the box are a couple images of the Ghost chassis in different positions highlighting some of the features BitFenix felt best to bring to our attention.

BitFenix Ghost_11

One side of the box includes the specifications list so users can make sure the Ghost is going to be the right size and compatible with the hardware they intend to put inside.

BitFenix Ghost_1

Getting the ghost out of the box and the front is completely black except for the BitFenix emblem down towards the bottom. This should go over well as it means this chassis can also be used in a business environment, even though it offers features important to those interested in high-performance and gaming systems.

BitFenix Ghost_2

One of the nice features it that the front panel is also a door, what’s even better as though it is not show below the door can open either way with no extra effort, simply just open it to your desired direction.

BitFenix Ghost_9

The grill on the front is also easily removed to reveal space to add a couple of fans, one of which comes pre-installed.

BitFenix Ghost_8

The top of the Ghost has a bit going on, not only is it the home to the front IO, it also houses a hot swap bay and space for a water cooling radiator or fans.

BitFenix Ghost

The hot swap bay is big enough to fit a 3.5″ hard drive in and comes pre-installed with the SATA data and power cable connectors that will just need to be connect to a motherboard and PSU to work properly.

BitFenix Ghost_3

Removing the vent cover by pushing it down and then just lifting it up reveals room for users to install some sort of water cooling radiator or even just a couple more fans for better air cooling performance if that is their desire.

BitFenix Ghost_5

The front IO consists of power and reset buttons, 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports as well as the front audio jacks (mic/headphone).

BitFenix Ghost_12

The overall design of the Ghost is smooth and black, there is no window to see inside the case and it is very simple and while the photos do not do it justice the metallic dust is quite nice.

BitFenix Ghost_4

On the back of the case we can see the pre-installed 120mm fan with 3x water cooling tube holes beneath it, cutouts for the rear motherboard IO and bottom mounted PSU, 7x PCI expansion bays and a bit of an extra vented area.

BitFenix Ghost_7

The bottom case not only reveals the vented area for the bottom mounted PSU and an optional fan, we can also see the designated place to install the Alchemy LED strips into the case. To the left of the case you will notice a magnetic dust filter that goes over the vented are to help protect the inside of the PC and the users PSU.

BitFenix Ghost_13

Installing the LEDS Alchemy strips add a nice effect to the Ghost and will allow for users to further customize their build by using their preferred colour.

BitFenix Ghost_27


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