Cooltek Antiphon Airflow Review


 Closer Look – Installation

Aside from the aforementioned issue with the rubber grommets, installing all of my components into the Cooltek Antiphone Airflow was achieved with ease.

The image below shows when installing the rear fan there is a bit of ledge for it to rest on so it stays in place. This was a nice surprise and a big help when installing my Corsair H80i CPU cooler.

Cooltek Antiphon Airflow 25

Again, just an image of the rubber grommets coming a bit out of place after inserting a cable through.

Cooltek Antiphon Airflow 26

While my individual cable management may not be the best, as mentioned there is plenty of enough room in the back to route cables. Also there are plenty of little catches to help use with the included zip-ties to further help with cable management.

Cooltek Antiphon Airflow 27

As you can see fitting a Corsair H80i is a tight fit but at the same time it’s not so tight as to cause any problems when installing or otherwise.

Cooltek Antiphon Airflow 33

As you can see on the bottom half there are plenty of ways to route cables to help keep things as tidy as possible.

Cooltek Antiphon Airflow 34

This here was one of those small things that made me happy. There was just enough room for me to sneak the USB cable from my H80i next to the PSU and directly into a USB connector.

Cooltek Antiphon Airflow 35

As you can see once everything is installed it looks very clean thanks to the room in the back for cable management.

Cooltek Antiphon Airflow 28



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