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Corsair, what more actually needs to be said when introducing this company? (It was a rhetorical question).  Corsair Memory as they are officially known are one of the largest manufacturers of one of the widest product catalogues in the industry; this includes audio, memory, cases, storage, power supplies and peripherals (just to name a few).  With many popular ranges including their recent additions to the Carbide series and even the highly anticipated K95 RGB keyboard (coming soon), they are one of those companies who strive to push forward and avoid becoming stale.

For the past 2 decades, Corsair have been based in California, US with Andy Paul leading the company (President and CEO) to even greater heights, but what can be done to achieve this?  Well today I’m taking a look at the latest addition to the Carbide series, namely the Corsair Carbide Air 240 M-ATX chassis which supports M-ITX, comes with a unique aesthetic and follows in the footsteps of its larger brother, the Air 540.

When the Air 540 was released, it raised quite a lot of eyebrows and turned a lot of heads due to the large windowed side panel and rear mounted power supply; it sported a clean look and allowed users to utilise space.  The question is, can the Air 240 carry on the trend?  Let’s find out, starting with the specifications…

What Corsair has to say about the Carbide Air 240:

Meet the Carbide Series Air 240 – an extraordinary small form factor PC case for Mini-ITX and MicroATX computers. The eye-catching cube design – complete with a full side window – hosts an internal layout optimized for maximum airflow or advanced water-cooling configurations (including a 240mm radiator or two). Don’t let the compact size fool you – this little one handles full size components while still offering roomy installation space.


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