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Jumping right into the performance of the Carbide 100R and I was quite impressed with the thermal performance overall. Even though the 100R is designed to be more of a silent case it still does a good job allowing airflow and helping to keep all the components you put inside quite cool, this is of course due in part to the fact it comes equipped with a pair of 120mm fans, one intake and one exhaust. The 100R also does a great job of reducing the noise output of the components and the included fan controller only adds to the performance as users can turn fans down to make them quieter, or can turn their fans up for those gaming sessions when the need to get some more air to all the components inside. Performance wise, for what the 100R is and what it was designed to be, it is right on point.

Design wise, the 100R is meant to give builders access to all they need as easily as possible while still being able to appeal to most consumers. The aesthetics of the case are simple yet elegant so it will fit in and be welcomed in almost any situation it may find itself in whether it be for a gaming PC, or in an office environment. While the outside of the aesthetically pleasing, the inside of the case is equally as nice and thanks to its design it offers a great balance of noise reduction and thermal performance. The inside features enough room to easily install most components anyone would want to put in a case of the type and the cable management system is more than sufficient for said components.

When it comes to the value of the 100R it comes in at around £50 here in the UK which right away tells me that it is more than likely a simple case with some nice added features and that it is. The 100R is far from flashy but yet it still manages to be pleasing to the eyes and building in it was a pleasure. It offers good air flow while keeping noise to a minimum, sort of a best of both worlds if you ask me. For the price, it is well worth the money and let us not forget if you want something with a little more flash there is a second model that comes with a windowed side panel and better fan/cooling support.

When all is said and done the 100R is an amazing little case that won’t break the bank. It will fit in both at home or in the office while keeping quiet and making sure the components inside do no overheat. If you ask me, the 100R has a lot going on for a little case and will surely be a nice case for any build.

I would like to thank Corsair for sending the Carbide 100R in for review and look forward to seeing what they will come out with next!


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Great performance
– Stylish aesthetics
– Good cable management
– Comes equipped with a fan controller


– No dedicated SSD mounting
– EPS connector is not 100% compatible with normal ATX motherboards (though you can make it work)

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