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Jumping right into the performance aspect of the PANGU SW-RD and it is certainly not the best but I can’t say it is really surprising due to the lack of a front intake fan being included. The PANGU SW-RD does have potential to allow for a good air cooling setup with room to add two fans to the front and another to in the top of the case which would be more than sufficient to get some decent airflow going through it. I am still a bit shocked though that for the price tag they chose not to include any sort of intake fan as in my opinion it would have made a great difference and while the case still allows for great ventilation, a bit more airflow would have been much better.

In terms of design, it has a lot going for it but does have a couple of shortcomings. The exterior has a nice flow to it until you get to the window on the main side panel. For some reason DEEPCOOL have pretty much ruined the whole reason for putting a window on a case and added air vents and even a space to attach another fan and while the more fans the better, there are just some places we no longer want to see fans these days, one of which being windowed panels.

The other thing that let me down was the cooling area in the top of the case. On first glance it looks nice, there is a removable mesh grill on the top that allows access to a compartment that can house two fans. However, on further inspection I realized there is nowhere to route cables out of it so therefore it will not be able to be used for a radiator or AIO Cooler. This is a bit of a let-down for me as it would be the perfect spot to throw a nice 240mm AIO cooler as it is with most other cases on the market.

As for value, well the price could always be better. The PANGU SW-RD is a good case at its base but some poor work in the design department has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth and diminished the value in my eyes. For $90 I would expect to see at least one intake fan to pair up with the exhaust fan and also better water cooling support as there are two holes in the rear of the case for the tubing to pass through. One of the things that does help improve the value of the case is the fact it does come with a pair of LED strips that have their own remote control and while it LED’s may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s nice to have them included for those of us who like them.

At the end of the day I feel the DEEPCOOL PANGU SW-RD has a lot of potential but it just falls short in a few major areas for me. Better water cooling support would be a start, especially in the top of the case and please for all of our sake get rid of the vented area in the window of the side panel. The extra vents and place for a fan used to be a nice touch to help with cooling but since all the advances in CPU cooling, especially from AIO coolers I feel these are no longer needed and ruin what could be a very aesthetically pleasing design.

I would like to thank DEEPCOOL for sending the PANGU SW-RD in for review and look forward to seeing what they come out with next.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Good ventilation
– Removable hard drive cages
– Hard drive trays can be used for 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives
– Included remote controlled LED strips


– No front intake fan
– Top cooling compartment not designed well
– Vents and place for fan on the windowed side panel are not needed
– Price could be better

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